tl;dr: check out a fun little Ace Attorney generator I made!

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is a visual novel series created by Shu Takumi (also of Ghost Trick fame) where you play as a lawyer (usually the titular character Phoenix Wright, although this changes over the games) in a heavily fictionalised version of the Japanese legal system. I heavily recommend this series if you like murder mysteries or puzzle games - the gameplay loop is centred around investigating murders and finding evidence, and then using that evidence in court to prove contradictions or lies in witness’ testimonies.

As a visual novel, Ace Attorney is a text-heavy game, and so with the recent release of the Great Ace Attorney Chronicles and the popularity of the twitter court bot, I thought it would be fun to make use of the court bot’s code to auto-generate Ace Attorney scripts and animate them! This is fairly easy to do, as it turns out - I used the great aitextgen library for training models and generating text, and the objection engine library for animating the scripts - all I had to do really was train the model itself and write some code to convert it to a format the objection engine recognises.

I made this into a little streamlit app available here using the 125M GPT-neo model (in order to keep processing times reasonably fast), so check it out! And if you find yourself enjoying the scenarios, I definitely recommend checking out any of the Ace Attorney games.

🚨 It’s important to note that I’m not filtering the bot, so it could produce potentially harmful text. Ace Attorney is mostly a teen-rated game, so there shouldn’t be much worse than murder mystery discussions, but the original training data of GPT-neo was much wider and expansive, so be warned!