As a quick note, I’ve recently done a go-over of the design of my blog. In this post, I’m just going to go over the changes and how my blog setup currently works. I won’t go too deep into details as my setup largely follows the standard Github Pages and Jekyll setup.

I’m using the default Minima theme, considering it’s both simple and fairly easy to modify. These are currently the various things I’ve added to it (beyond general style tweaks):

  • A light-dark mode toggle, utilising Google Chrome Lab’s dark-mode-toggle element
  • A tag system, based on Long Qian’s guide, which I also use to split my posts into the ‘side projects’ and ‘random’ sections above.

As I tweak the plugins and design, I’ll come back to this post and add my changes to the list above. Hopefully, it provides a useful list of ways to tweak a Github Pages site to your liking (and remind me of what I added if I chose to change it up again). Alternatively, you can find the codebase for this site here.